A Deadly Con Game in Manhattan…

What do a murderous housewife and a wayward heiress have in common?  If Alex Lockerby is right, someone is manipulating them against their will.  Now all he has to do is unravel a dark tapestry of family, politics, wine, money, love, and murder before the people behind it put an end to him.

Alex Lockerby’s father once told him that It’s the simple jobs that take the longest, and finding missing things is about as simple a job as Alex can get.  When wealthy socialites hire him to track down their wayward daughter, finding her is easy, but that’s just the beginning of his problems.

As he’s trying to deal with the no-longer-missing heiress and her family, Alex gets another case from a desperate young man.  He wants Alex to prove his wife is innocent of murder, the only problem is that she was caught, red-handed.  Alex takes the case, figuring it should be easy to prove what happened one way or another, but the more Alex looks into the murder, the worse it seems.  The only thing he can’t find is a motive.

As Alex investigates he becomes convinced that both of his clients are being manipulated by someone with a bigger agenda.  He knows he’s on the right track when a would-be assassin takes a shot at him.  Now Alex has to figure out who’s running a deadly con game in Manhattan, hopefully before he and his clients become the sacrifice pawns.

Mind Games

The Fourth Book in the Arcane Casebook Series



9 reviews for Mind Games (Signed Copy)

  1. Quincy Whittaker


    Best I’ve read in years
    I have been an avid reader for years but since I retired 5 years ago I have read several hundred books a year and am now having trouble finding really good books to read. This series has been a gem of a find. I have truly enjoyed them.


  2. Quincy Whittaker

    Timothy Knox

    I have a job for you…
    Each mystery is fair, the world building is solid and believable, and with each book, things get more complicated and more interesting.

    And curse you, Mr. Willis, for keeping me up late yet again, finishing another episode of The Arcane Casebook. And thank you, very much!


  3. Quincy Whittaker

    Charles G. Stuart

    Ready to binge read?
    I picked up the first book in this series (“In Plain Sight”) from one of Larry Correia’s book bombs. It was, quite frankly, excellent. I’ve now grabbed each of the books in this series as they appear, and they range from really good to wonderful. Mind Games ranks towards the wonderful end of the scale – if you like noir private detective mashed up with a bit of constrained magic, do yourself a favor and grab these. When I finished Mind Games, I had to immediately re-read Correia’s Grimnoir series to get over the disappointment of being finished with the latest Arcane Casebook installment.

    I hope you’re working on the next book, Mr. Willis!


  4. Quincy Whittaker

    Tim and Amy Gordon

    Fun and engaging
    Still a great series, which gets more and more intricate as the books go along. Really feels like the author has an overall plan, which is the difference between a good series, and a terrible one *cough*Divergent*cough*.

    I was slogging my way through The Fall of Hyperion–a great series as well, but I had a hard time with some of it–then picked this one right after. Got through this one in 3 days. Great way to spend the time any time, but even better while quarantined after a family member picked up COVID-19.


  5. Quincy Whittaker


    Dan delivers, yet again
    I found Dan’s books by accident almost. A friend’s recommended them to me, I forgot about them, and then saw the first one on was on sale.

    I bought the book and, having never read a detective novel beyond Sherlock Holmes stories, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    These books are amazing. Each one has it’s own tempo and style, each with their own unique additions to the cast, to the world of the books, and to the twists in the plot.

    Last time, I thought that nothing could improve on book 3, the ending note was too good. This book is a new verse in the music; book four is entirely it’s own speed, different yet part of the complete whole that is this series.

    It is a turning point in the series and while I wish I knew all the answers to all the questions I have, now, I know that I will just have to wait for the next book. So not fair. I have to wait? >< Dan Willis has managed to raise the bar and up the anty, yet again. Truly sir, thank you for this book. I eagerly await the next one. TL;DR: Read these books. They are spectacular.


  6. Quincy Whittaker

    Nolan F. Bond

    The Plot Thickens
    This imaginative series steps off the beaten fantasy path and has completely ensnared me! Dan Willis has created a world where magic works in an America coming out of the Great Depression. It’s refreshing, a bit quirky and always intriguing. This latest entry presents possibly the best mystery yet and left me wanting the next installment.



  7. Quincy Whittaker

    James Stepanek

    Another fine work in a solid series
    Dan Willis continues to produce page turning stories which combine the genre of steampunk with the hard boiled PI stories of old. As in the previous books, he stacks up a selection of conundrums for the protagonist to overcome, and he gets them done in the one volume. However that is not all, as he continues to expand the backstory, add new challenges to the world, and resolve issues which had hung over the characters.

    I highly recommend the whole series for a well written and fun diversion.


  8. Quincy Whittaker

    Kindle Customer

    A twisting tale of magic, murder and mystery.
    As is true of his other books in this series, Dan has crafted a gripping tale. The homeless of New York are disappearing while as Alex tries to solve the mystery of a an accountant and the disappearance of a rich family’s daughter. Are these cases connected, parts of a wider deeper plot? Alex had better figure it out quickly because random people are trying to kill him now and he’s running out of time


  9. Quincy Whittaker


    Favorite Series…
    Or at least on of the top! I read about 180 books a year – many of them part of a series. I love the blend of mystery, magic and engaging characters in a noir setting. The magic construct is well thought out and well developed. The Whodunits are clever. There are two types – stand alone – completely resolved in the novel – and resolved in the novel but part of a longer story arc. Alex is a hero you can root for! I’m going to miss Leslie (his old secretary) but interested to see what happens with Sherry , the new secretary who seemingly can predict the future!
    FYI – like the series well enough that I buy the books rather than using the Kindle Unlimited.


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