Political Power and Corruption…

When the FBI wants to sweep the murder of a US Senator under the rug, Alex Lockerby must navigate the halls of political power and corruption in order to catch a professional killer and uncover dark conspiracy that threatens the very foundations of government.

Hired by the widow of a murdered US Senator, Alex Lockerby is shocked to find out that she’s the only one who seems to want the crime solved.  Between the local police and the FBI, everyone wants this case over and done with, even if they have to sweep it under the rug just to make it go away.

Not satisfied with the answers he’s getting, Alex dives into the world of high stakes power politics and the inherent corruption that goes with it.  Quickly he finds himself with more motives and suspects than he can manage, all while being pursued by a professional killer, a murderous thief, and a powerful crime lord from his past.

With time running out to find the true motive for the Senator’s murder, Alex must find the link between a bizarre theft, a missing alchemist, and legislation the murdered Senator was working on.  If he succeeds, Alex might just have a chance to uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the government itself, unless they get him first.

Capital Murder

The Seventh Book in the Arcane Casebook Series



6 reviews for Capital Murder (Signed Copy)

  1. Quincy Whittaker


    You’re KILLING me, Dan!!!
    I started this series at the urging of my husband. I love mysteries, but magic really isn’t my thing. Yeah, I devoured this series! Love the characters. Love all of the twists in the plots. Love how the magic is woven into “normal” life. Love it all. What I don’t like–the abrupt endings! The plot of each book really takes off at about 70%, and you don’t want to stop reading. Then BAM it’s The End. That’s all well and good in volumes 1-6, but in volume 7 it’s a killer! The ending is so abrupt, and now we have to wait until April of 2022 to find out what happens? I needed another chapter. So you’re killing me, Dan! 🤣


  2. Quincy Whittaker

    Kindle Customer

    Greatly enjoyable series
    Hard bitten PI? Lots of booze? Mobsters, crooked cops, even crookeder politicians and a sexy dangerous woman he’s falling for? This series checks all the fun boxes of a noir PI series, with the fun addition of some twisty magic. Enough to give some great plot points but not so much that it overshadows the historical dressing for the books. I love that mundane cases, such as lost dogs, get interwoven with Big Plot Points in a funny way that really does a lot to explain how he pays the bills, solves the crimes, and deals with Mysterious Organizations Out to Get Him.


  3. Quincy Whittaker

    libby g. fulgione

    Mr Willis has me spellbound by his rune writing PI who runs into more mysteries every time he seems to turn around. Mix in the torrid, just not yet begun, love affair with the Ice Queen and the mentor, the author and rune write who created the original detective Sherlock Holmes, and each tale in this series builds and builds … Now, if that’s not enough, throw in the mysterious “Moriarty” an immortal on one side – who chose our man Alex to be his “lever” – and both the Legion (We Are Many) AND Josef Mengele & his Nazi cohorts on the other side and this series looks like it is primed and ready to explode!!!


  4. Quincy Whittaker


    Another fun read in the world of Alex Lockerby

    I really enjoy mysteries and magic, so urban fantasies make up a lot of books on my shelf. I especially enjoy this series for the gritty noir sensibilities of 1920s magic mysteries. It’s the 7th book in a series, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the characters have evolved and grown over the course of the series.
    One of the things that I like the most about this author is that, he doesn’t make the changes too overpowering. Few things ruin a series that you may like like the character becoming almost unrecognizable after they’ve become too powerful to be challenged by the story.
    This novel is a departure from the previous books in the series in that the characters move from New York City to Washington, DC for the book. It was interesting to see more of the world of the Arcane Casebook series and see the seeds being planted for new challenges and problems that I expect be coming down the road.
    I’ll stay with my previous thoughts that Dan Willis’ books tend to go to the top of my to read pile, as soon as they come out.


  5. Quincy Whittaker

    James Stepanek

    Pure Pulp goodness
    The story of our runewrite detective continues with a departure from his familiar stomping grounds of the Big Apple to Washington DC, where he gets drawn into several cases and a firsthand education in the corruption endemic to that city. There is a bit of a departure at times from the exclusive first person narration of Alex at times, though in general, it is from his point of view.

    The story is fast moving, with a good pulp story feel, and advances the overall plot a good bit. A few references of real people of the time added some interesting Easter eggs. Much information is added about the main antagonists of the series, though we leave (in good pulp style) on a bit of a cliffhanger.

    I’ve been enjoying all installments of this series so far, and this one did not at all disappoint.


  6. Quincy Whittaker

    P. Foye

    Continuing strong–another captivating installment!
    Capital Murder is yet another strong installment in Alex’s saga. I was initially worried about how the action would feel as it played out against DC instead of NY, but I shouldn’t have been. Willis handles the new setting just fine. This is also the first book in the series (IIRC) where we depart several times from Alex’s viewpoint to follow others, but I could understand the reasoning, and they were brief enough that it didn’t throw me out of the energy of following Alex through some excellent twists developments.

    This book brings the reader’s attention back to the looming European threat, and does a great job of building that tension (since we know (ish) from our side of the timeline what is coming.) I recommend this book, and this series, at the very top of my list. Dan Willis sits firmly beside Terry Prachett and Patricia McKillip as absolute masters of their genres.


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