A Dark Ritual to Release Hell on the city…

Young women are turning up dead, exsanguinated by a killer who leaves strange and powerful symbols behind, drawn in his victim’s blood.  Now Alex Lockerby must stop the killer before he can complete his dark ritual and release hell on the city. 

Murder isn’t uncommon in a big city, but when young women start turning up dead next to mysterious symbols painted in their blood, the police turn to Alex Lockerby to find the killer.  Unfortunately, the bloody symbols aren’t any form of magic Alex knows, leaving him precious little to work with and a nagging feeling that he’d better stop this madman before he finishes whatever spell he’s attempting.

Adding to the list of unknown symbols, Alex is called to the murder of a woman who worked with government secrets.  She was found with strange coded markings written on a blackboard near her body.  To make matters even more confusing, several robberies have been perpetrated by a highly skilled gang of thieves.  Among the stolen articles were ingredients used by alchemists.  These cases seem random and unconnected, but Alex can’t shake the feeling that they’re part of something bigger.

With a brutal killer on the loose, Alex must figure out an unknown magic, catch a group of professional thieves, and learn what government secrets the murdered woman might have passed on…and to whom.  With luck, he might even be able to do it before the blood killer completes his dark ritual, and unleashes hell on the city.

Blood Relation

The Sixth Book in the Arcane Casebook Series



8 reviews for Blood Relation (Signed Copy)

  1. Quincy Whittaker

    Stephen H.

    Better and Better
    If you have read my reviews you know I have become quite a fan. I feel like I know Alex and Iggy and Sorsha and the others. This is a magical world, and the types and users of magic are quite well delineated. The author has created sympathetic strong characters who keep growing throughout the series. There are clearly BIG THINGS COMING, and he makes you want to know what they are.
    I read/listen to about six books at home and in my car, but the ones that are drawing me the most right now are these .


  2. Quincy Whittaker

    Dennis Mark Burgess

    Are you ready for some MURDER?
    Alex is getting stronger and as he does, it attracts something evil. Bullets are flying and Izzy is patching Alex up as fast as he can. After all, time is of the essence, literally. A great absorbing read as always!


  3. Quincy Whittaker

    Timothy Knox

    You’re not seeing what isn’t there
    If you aren’t reading this series. Art Deco, Film Noir, and a multitude of magic. It’s all here.

    What if the world had real magic, and a powerful runewright was trained by another powerful Runewright who was also a Great Detective? You’d have the Arcane Casebook series.

    Do yourself a favor and just read them all!


  4. Quincy Whittaker

    Dave Bennett

    This series just keeps getting better.
    I have read and enjoyed all of the previous entries in this series, but this one is even better. The multiple cases are interwoven in truly amazing ways and we see continued character development. Unlike some other series with wizards who every book save the day, but really never seem to learn or change (not naming certain famous names), all the characters here keep learning, growing and changing.
    I’ve never been a detective fan, but Dan does such a masterful job at balancing the detective work, intrigue, magic, and character interplay, I’ve already pre-ordered the next book and eagerly await the next installment in the story.


  5. Quincy Whittaker


    Another Strong Addition to the Series
    Dan does a great job in advancing the series with his latest addition. The world building gets stronger, the characters continue to grow, and the plots do a credible job of building on previous actions. As other reviewers recommend, start with the first book in the series. There are events in this book that would not have the same impact without the background knowledge from the previous books.


  6. Quincy Whittaker

    Kindle Customer

    One of my favorite series

    If you haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, I encourage you to pick up the first book. Great characters, well drawn. For those of you caught up with the series, this builds on the previous books. There are several cases to be solved as usual. A new villain and the return of an old. The relationship between Alex and Sorsha progresses. The last 20% of the book is all nail biting action. I’m looking forward to the next installment.


  7. Quincy Whittaker

    James Stepanek

    Arcane Casebook is still going stronger
    Dan Willis has put another in the Arcane Casebook series maintaining the high level of quality and moving the story along. More depth gets added to the world, and Alex makes progress on both personal and magical levels. If you’ve not read the series yet, it’s a sort of pulp/noir feel applied to a alternate magical history story set in the 30s. The books are all page turners which will hold your interest.


  8. Quincy Whittaker


    Dan Willis with another great read
    I am a huge fan of the Arcane Casebook series and Mr Willis has yet again provided an interesting and compelling story. I have yet to tire of the characters and I am eagerly awaiting the 7th installment. I enjoy them so much that I don’t read them on Kindle Prime’s free service, I buy them all. This is a great author and a great series.


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